Characteristics and qualification of the Course


Abstract: The course of computational mechanics for undergraduates majoring in mine engineering mechanics was reformed. The course reform and exploration of classroom teaching, in-class test, after-class teaching interaction, program design and bilingual examination have been carried out in English-Chinese bilingual manner. Basing on mine industrial knowledge system, questionnaire feedback and several specific measures, the common problems and well-directed methods in teaching are discussed, meanwhile, the limitations and advances of bilingual teaching are analyzed. This course summarizes the reform plans and experiences in order to carry out more in-depth and systematic construction in the follow-up exploration, and to inspire the teaching and learning of this course and relevant English-Chinese bilingual courses.

Keywords: coal mine engineering, computational mechanics, bilingual course, finite element method, teaching interaction, mutual teaching improvement


1. Characteristics



2. Qualification


Computational Rock Mechanics Research Group

State Key Laboratory of Coal Resources and Safe Mining, China University of Mining and Technology (BJ)

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