Open source programs and softwares-FEM


FEM: The finite element method (FEM) is a numerical method for solving problems of engineering and mathematical physics. It is also referred to as finite element analysis (FEA). Typical problem areas of interest include structural analysis, heat transfer, fluid flow, mass transport, and electromagnetic potential. The analytical solution of these problems generally require the solution to boundary value problems for partial differential equations. The finite element method formulation of the problem results in a system of algebraic equations. The method yields approximate values of the unknowns at discrete number of points over the domain. To solve the problem, it subdivides a large problem into smaller, simpler parts that are called finite elements. The simple equations that model these finite elements are then assembled into a larger system of equations that models the entire problem. FEM then uses variational methods from the calculus of variations to approximate a solution by minimizing an associated error function.


1. Program of Plane Problem(Fortran77)

2. Finite Element Analysis Program(Fortran77)

3. OpenSees Program(Fortran90)

4. Finite Element in Plasticity-Theory and Practice-Owen

5. Fortran 95程序设计-彭国伦

6. 有限单元法-王勖成

7. 弹性体边界条件施加方式(Page9-三维位移边界)

8. 断裂力学中的数值计算方法及工程应用