Open source programs and softwares-DEM-LBM


DEM: The Discrete Element Method is a powerful simulation scheme for soil, solid and fracture mechanics. Its fundamentals are simple, the body of study is divided in elements (could represent the individual grains in soils or pieces of solid in rocks) and Newton's laws are solve numerically to obtain their behaviour in time. Its popularity has grown in time since it reproduce naturally the elasto-plastic behaviour of soils and rocks and has many applications both in academy and industry. Mechsys DEM solver has the capability to deal with particles of general shape.


LBM: The Lattice Boltzmann Method was created to numerically solved the Boltzmann equation coming from statistical mechanics. It was shown that under some conditions it can also solve the Navier Stokes equations. Furthermore, it has proven to be a general Partial Differential Equation (PDE) solver. Mechsys has the traditional Navier Stokes solver module (LBM), a solver for Maxwell equations of electromagnetism (EMLBM) and the set of advection diffusion equations (ADLBM). As a novelty, Mechsys also couples DEM with LBM to have a powerful tool to simulate problems involving fluid and solid interaction.


MechSys—Open source programs(C++)

Palabos—Open source CFD solver based on the lattice Boltzmann method(C++)



DEM-LBM coupling technique


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