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Hydraulic fracturing:


1. ELFEN Fracture Models

2. Hydraulic Fracturing ELFEN DFN-3D Natual Fractures

3. Hydraulic Fracturing ELFEN TGR-3D Multi-cluster

4. Computational strategies for predictive geology with reference to salt tectonics

5. Localization patterns in sandbox-scale numerical experiments

6. Modeling of Shales in Salt-Hydrocarbon Systems

7. Modeling stress evolution around a rising salt diapir

8. Overview of continuum and particle dynamics methods

9. 2016, Complementary hydro-mechanical coupled finite discrete element, hydraulic fracture propagation in tight shale reservoirs, CPM

10. 200 Papers-Hydraulic Fracturing-password: sk6t

11. Introduction of adaptive FE-DE and ELFEN

12. Elfen Training&Exercises

13. Data format of mechanical and fluid models in '.use' files

14. Elfen Implicit Manual

15. Elfen Explicit Manual

16. Elfen TGR Manual

17. Numerical Simulation of Hydraulic Fracturing in Tight Gas Shale Reservoirs-The University of Leeds, PHD, 2017

18. To be continued······



Fracture process of rock:


19. 2004, Fracture initiation and propagation in a disc

20. 2008, Modeling uniaxial compression tests

21. 2009, Brazilian test&heterogeneous UCS simulation

22. 2012, A Layered Material Fracturing in Compression

23. 2014, Fracturing processes in discontinuous rock masses


Fracture process in mining & Tunnels:


24. 2014, Blast-induced Damage in Tunnels